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Wedding favor etiquette dictates that, while not required, small tokens work well as a gesture of gratitude. Favors also provide each guest with a memento of your special day. Wedding favors range from keepsake items to edible favors. Whether you choose candles, coasters, almonds or fortune cookies, your wedding favors should reflect your wedding theme.


      Plan to offer at least one favor to each guest, including children. Order or make extra favors, in case one gets damaged before the reception. All the favors should be of equal value. Select different favors for men, women and children, or give everyone the same gift. If you have a small budget for favors, give one favor to each couple and include a label addressed to both guests. Opt for such simple favors as a single flower.


Favor Tags

        Whether your favors are elaborate items or inexpensive tokens, personalize them so they stand out. Always affix a small note to each favor with the date and the wedding couple’s names. Add the recipient’s name if you plan to set a wedding favor at each place setting. Leave off guests’ names if your favours will be displayed together on a table.


Edible Favors

      Couples often give guests such edible wedding favors as chocolates, gourmet candy, cupcakes and personalized cookies. Order personalized candies in your wedding colors–include the name of the bride and groom, as well as the wedding date. Save money and make your own edible favors. Fill small pails with chocolate-covered fruits and nuts or give guests jam in small jars. Give tins with mints, small boxes of tea or coffee, or cellophane bags filled with hard or fruity candies and closed with a ribbon. Choose boxes, containers and ribbons that reflect your wedding theme.



      Presentation is just as important as the favor itself. Favors should be elegant in appearance. Place flower favors in a pot or a small decorative cardboard box wrapped with a ribbon. Wrap stemmed flowers in cones of white parchment and secure them with ribbons. Use decorative boxes with complementary ribbons. Use ribbons and cellophane to wrap such odd-shaped favors as small garden pails or teacups filled with candy.



      Traditional favour etiquette calls for placing favours in the center of each plate setting, at the head of the place setting or on each chair. However, as long as the favour gets to the guest, you can set the favours anywhere. For instance, if you will have valet parking, ask the valet to leave a favour inside each guest’s car. Place favours inside large decorative bowls in the center of each table. For a buffet-style reception, pile the favours on a table near the exit for the guests to take on their way out. For a beach wedding, provide a table of flip-flops at the guest entrance to the beach.



      Incorporate your wedding theme and colors into your favors. For instance, if you are planning a garden wedding, select small, individually potted flowers or miniature plants. Choose items that reflect your wedding colors, such as small picture frames, candles, personalized soaps, lip balms and bath crystals. Tie a beach theme together–offer guests flip-flops in your wedding colors. Customize paper fans, luggage tags or miniature globes if you plan to hold a travel-themed wedding.

    by Setiadi Adi




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