Cocktails for an Easy Engagement Party

Whether you’re hosting a group of friends for a backyard barbecue or a full-on family affair to celebrate your engagement, the last thing you want is get stuck playing bartender. But hey, you want to be a good host and have some cocktails on the ready, right? That’s where these effortless drinks come in. From sparkling (spiked!) water to small-batch bottled cocktails, these sips are so simple. Not to mention, they look fab over ice in a beverage tub!

Spiked Sparkling Water:  Sometimes you just need some bubbles.

Premade Mixes: If you do want to have a hand in making some drinks, we recommend having a few things prepped and ready to go

Canned Wine: Yes, wine in a can is a thing and we couldn’t be more excited.

Small Batch Sips:  Pour over ice and enjoy. 

Infused Vino: This isn’t just any ordinary wine.

Andrea Fowler



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